Main aspects of popular casino games

1scasino as well as other online casinos offer a number of games. These are either traditional ones or they are theme based games. However, some games remain popular whether it is the real world or the online gaming world.


  1. Roulette: This literally has become the face of casinos or gambling. In this, the players need to put their chips on the board and they need to bet as to what will be the winning feature. Aspects of Roulette include :
    1. The wheel has numbers starting at 0 and all the way to 36
    2. Bets can be placed on either even or odd numbers or on black or red colored slots or it can even be placed on low, middle or high 12 or high or low 18, or even on the first to third columns.
    3. These bets can be placed on multiple features.
      1. The dealer announces when the betting can start and when it has to end
      2. Once the bets are all placed, the dealer will spin the wheel clockwise and the ball is rolled in the opposite direction
      3. Where the ball lands determines the winning bet.
      4. This is a game of pure luck. However, as there are so many different kinds of options where bets can be placed as well as so many different features, the odds of winning can be increased.
  2. Online poker comes in different versions and so you should choose only that version which is most suited to you and your preferences. In online poker to win :
    1. You should either have the hand which is most or highest valued
    2. You should be the last player when everyone else has folded


1scasino as well as other online casinos offer blackjack, baccarat, other kinds of table betting games in addition to a variety of slot games.

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